Popular Science News | Comet 2012 to Brighten our Days

Popular Science News – Comet 2012 to Brighten our Days. Well that’s the prediction of some astronomers. A newly discovered comet named 2012, catchy isn’t it, is bound for the sun and at the end of 2013, when it is close to the sun, the 2 mile wide comet will start to burn up.

Some astronomers believe that this will produce a bright light capable of being seen during the day. Mind you, some believe it may just fizzle out and be the non-event of the year. Currently it is orbiting between Saturn and Jupiter, 600 million away, but on 28th November 2013 it will be on its closest approach to the sun, and that’s when the fireworks should begin. That’s if it isn’t hasn’t just faded away by then.

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