TRNC Law | Akfinans Bank Judgement Day Approaches


When you consider just what the owners of Kukalsiz 5 have been through you maybe think of the mentality of those who are treating them as if they have no rights under TRNC Law, and no right to any legal redress for what has happened to them.

Did the Bank really believe that anyone, regardless of their age or nationality, would just meekly hand over everything they have worked a lifetime to achieve, simply because the Bank think they have the right to expect it? Given the same set of circumstances, would they just meekly say, “oh yes you may take my home, I can see you have the right to do so”.

Did they really expect no reaction, no natural reluctance to just accept that they should pay someone else’s debt. It is natural to try to protect your possessions, the most basic human instinct is to rage against those who would take them from you. Yet the bank try to paint the ex-pat pensioners as the wrong doers for resisting their attempts to walk away with everything the K5 possess in North Cyprus.

Kulaksiz 5 have been mentally intimidated and the very presence of the Kader family in their street is a subtle form of intimidation. Mounting CCTV cameras strategically so they can monitor their neighbours and the coming and going into Demokrasi Sokak is too. The Bank appear to have a limitless supply of money. The K5 have very little money left.

It now is very possible that the Bank have acted illegally from the inception of the mortgage, and that they have indeed contravened Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21. If this proves to be the case, then how in all fairness can they expect to be allowed to keep even one property on Kulaksiz 5? They took all the land as security, omitted to mention even one of the villas was built and so it is natural justice that they should not be allowed to keep even one sod of earth, one blade of grass or one inch of the roadway.

I have no idea if the Bank family are believers but I do know that if justice fails the Kulaksiz 5 in this life, the Bank family will have to answer to the final Judge of us all.

“According to the tenets of the Muslim faith, death is the complete end of physical life and the beginning of a period of rest until the day of resurrection when Allah judges the living and the dead.

Many Muslims believe that the righteous are able to see visions of God after death and that the wicked see visions of hell. Except for these possible visions of heaven or hell, Muslims believe the soul remains in a kind of “soul sleep” until Judgement Day. When the Day of Judgement arrives, everyone is judged according to their deeds in life. Many Muslims believe that non-Muslims can attain heaven only after a period of purification in the fires of purgatory.”

If TRNC Law doesn’t judge against Akfinans Bank then maybe the Ultimate Judge will?

O B Joyful

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