Popular Science News | Being Healthy Helps You Live Longer!

Popular Science News – I’m stunned by the new Swedish research published in the British Medical Journal. PhD student Debora Rizzuto, of the Aging Research Centre at the Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University, wrote: “The associations between leisure activity, not smoking, and increased survival still existed in those aged 75 years or more, with women’s lives prolonged by five years and men’s by six years.”

Or to put it bluntly, if you look after yourself then you live longer. Well that’s not what stunned me, it was this statement: “The results show that smokers died one year earlier than non-smokers. People who drank alcohol lived 1.3 years longer than those who never drank.” So, am I the only one who noticed that if you drink and smoke you live longer than people who do neither! Or to put it even more bluntly, I think she got it wrong and shouldn’t be awarded a PhD! [Daily Telegraph]

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