2 Meals and 2 drinks for 50TL at Taşmahzen, Alsancak, North Cyprus

I’d heard good things about Taşmahzen Restaurant in Alsancak, North Cyprus, particularly that they were just like in the good old days. The sort of meal I am talking about is the traditional meze and something on a stick as my partner calls it. The only difference to a lot of the establishments with similar offers is the variety of extras included for free and for less than 50TL for the two of us.

We started with a beer (5TL) and a limonata (4TL) and were immediately brought a 1.5L bottle of water for free and a salad and bread toasted on the BBQ. I ordered chicken şiş (20TL) and my partner meat (lamb) şiş (25TL). Also on offer were fish (20TL) and a variety of reasonably priced starters.

As we sipped our drinks we commented how nice the setting was despite being in the middle of a busy village and next to the main road. Fairly soon our 10 dishes of meze began arriving, a mixture of cold and hot and, to my partner’s relief, only one was pickled. The mezes included what tasted like fresh tuna, börek and dolma. Then the şiş arrived along with delicious chips.

To our delight, and surprise, when the main course was cleared a delicious sweet with ice cream arrived along with a plate of melon – all included in the price as were the two Turkish coffees and brandies ‘on the house.’ The bill came to 54TL but as the meat şiş was the most expensive item on the menu I have no problem with the title saying ‘2 Meals and 2 drinks for 50TL.’

To find the way to Alsancak and to the restaurant, click on the knife and fork symbol and choose directions

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