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Popular Science News | OK, being able to access EU Research for free might sound boring but this is a move with tremendous implications. The EU controls the largest science budget in the world and has decided that the results of any research using this budget should be freely available. Why is this important? Well up until now this research is only available if you pay for it or a newspaper publishes a summary. Under this new scheme however, if you have a little science education, you can investigate without cost the research used to make some of the mind boggling claims that appear in newspapers.

You might even find that some of this research is very shaky indeed. I’m not saying that researchers get desperate when, after several years,  they find the results are inconclusive. I’m not saying that data is massaged. But I am saying that when conclusions are drawn and published as if they are true it would be nice to look at the reason why.

For example recent research has found that having a 60″ TV brings families together. Now in this case I’m sure it’s true so I’m off to buy one now.

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