NCFP Criticised For Repeating Verified TRNC Finance Minister Facts

It would seem Ms. Pembe is upset yet again with the content of NCFP. It is gratifying to know she reads us so avidly. It is amazing that she was allowed to make the claim that the writer had written about the Finance Minister because the content was not property related.

Well if she is referring to his moments of fame in the London High Court when it was quoted that he stuffed cash in envelopes which allegedly ended up in offshore accounts whilst in the employ of Polly Peck International, then yes, she is absolutely correct, it is not property related but it is newsworthy. If she is referring to the prosecution alleging that Mr Tatar destroyed evidence of bank transfers from a UK bank to a bank owned by his boss at Polly Peck International, she is correct yet again, or is she? I believe I could make a very good property related connection.

Mr Nadir gave an Advocate to Kulaksiz 5 completely free of charge just before departing to the UK to face his trial. This Advocate turned out to be the Secretary and Director of… wait for it… Aga Development Limited, the company that defrauded so many British purchasers, the company that also had the Advocate who represents Akfinans Bank as a co-shareholder with Gary Robb, who needs no introduction. There now, that should satisfy Ms Pembe.

But there is more. Irrefutable evidence exists that proves the Finance Minister was a Director of Akfinans Bank in 2009. So what, you might ask? Well no problem at all had he told the Kulaksiz 5 of this, at least then they could have decided whether to confide in him knowing this, they did confide in him but were unaware of his Directorship of the Bank they were fighting, the Bank they are still fighting.

Just recently evidence has come to light that Tatar and Co are auditors for Koop Bank, the Bank which has mortgages on NCP property at Olive Grove, the Bank even rumoured to have looked at purchasers’ Contracts and still went ahead and gave mortgage money to the company, fully cognisant of the fact that NCP no long owned the land.

Now you would think that as a National Bank some governmental pressure could be applied to right this wrong and give the owners their property and peace of mind.

Now I hear that Pauline Read has conducted a vendetta against the Bank that took her house. How can she ignore a similar case? That the Minister is such a good friend of Ms Pembe’s is unfortunate, but not a reason to let him off the hook.

In conclusion I would say to Ms Pembe, censorship does not exist at NCFP, you have no authority to demand anything. Truth is more important than your need to keep your friends happy.

If you have any proof that any of the documents that support this information are false, produce it and they will be looked at and, if genuine, a retraction and an apology will be given. You were emailed this undertaking when you complained in writing before.

Today similar such claims were made on the FaceBook page, these were deleted later but not before they were seen and copied.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith


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