‘North Cyprus: Walk and Eat’ by Eileen Anderson

'North Cyprus: Walk and Eat' by Eileen AndersonThis pocket-sized full-colour guide is ideal for those visiting or having a second home in North Cyprus. It describes walks and excursions in the villages and countryside. Each excursion or walk recommends at least one restaurant en route serving local cuisine, with photograph, price guide, opening times, sample menus, and recipes for some of their specialities. Other sections include: planning your trip, getting about, food shopping (including health foods and local markets), glossary of food terms and restaurant mini-vocabulary. A special feature is the emphasis on natural local foods suitable for those with food intolerances. All recipes have been made by the authors and are known to ‘work’.

Paperback: North Cyprus: Walk and Eat

Kindle: Walk & Eat North Cyprus (Walk & Eat series)

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