Cyprus Property | Libel Writ Case to be Adjourned

Pauline Read was due to appear at Girne District Court this morning. Due to his wife’s illness her Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen is unable to attend so he will send a deputy in his place to ask for an adjournment. It is quite possible that there would have been an adjournment in any event. Ms Read has six fellow respondents in this Libel case which is due to ***Deleted*** Bank issuing a Writ against all seven respondents with regard to a Hasan Hasturer programme on Ada TV.

“Ada TV Libel Writ | First Appearance for Fifth Writ – from January 3rd 2013

This morning, together with my Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen, I arrived at Girne District Court for the first appearance for my 5th (fifth) Libel Writ from the ***Deleted*** Bank. This one is somewhat different from the other four already received and already being dealt with by my another Advocate.

You will all remember the much talked about TV programme on Ada TV on 20th March 2012 when the host Hasan Hasturer actively encouraged that the truth about the Kulaksiz 5 situation be told.”

On Monday the 11th February 2013 the Kulaksiz 5 will be in court again, this I understand is for the other side to hand evidence into the court, although one never knows just what could happen.

If you wish to show your support for the Kulaskiz 5 please be there from 9.45 a.m onwards. The courtroom is small so it is unlikely supporters will be able to go inside, however there is a very nice coffee area at the rear of the court area.

As usual quiet dignified presence is all that is required.

Venue Girne District Court
Time 9.45 am onwards
Date Monday 11th February 2013.

If you care, be there.


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