Modern Poetry | Wings Series | Mind, Body and Spirit

Modern Poetry – Wings Series – Mind, Body and Spirit. Musings while waiting for a lover to arrive.  The Gods did play a cruel trick.


Dream time April
Past lives dim.
We entwine beyond reality
On loves’ Isle.
Peace comes to us
No more loneliness.
Mind to mind
Spirit to spirit.
Gods should only drink
This sweet ambrosia.
Do they watch from Olympus
Playing a cruel trick?
Or have we found
The true portal of love.
Connecting the tripartite
Mind, spirit and body.
Fools believe
They can rise above.
Normality mundane
Leaving the Earth.
Scattering petals of love
Amongst the stars.
Where will we go
Where will we land.
Perhaps the Gods are kind
Benevolent, playful.
We amuse them
Rising to higher plane.
Adopted by Helen and Aphrodite
Pray Zeus approves.
A soft spot in his heart
For two who dare.
Meeting, melding
Gentle furnace of love.
Our time now
Softness of skin.
Movement of hip
Opening, receiving.
Meeting each other
In the depths of love.
Lost in pleasure, bliss and delight
No rush here, playful and kind.
Careful and sure
Three meet together.
Mind body and soul
Alone no more.
Whatever we two do
It is forever more.

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