Modern Poetry | Who is Pauline Read?

Modern Poetry – Who is Pauline Read? I wrote this in May 2012, this Lady has done much more and more could be said about her and the progress of her cause but I try not to edit what I write, so it stands. I am also sure that she really does mind the discomfort but soldiers on.

Who Is Pauline Read?

They seek her here
They seek her there.
Must play a mean pin ball
Supporters, does she have all?
Jousting, always there
TV broadcasts in the air.
Where is she? We have writ
Discomfort she minds not a bit.
Publicity, exposure
Truth is fair.
Lord Denning rolls in his grave
A Briton will never be a slave.
Her light so dim before
Now washes on this shore.
Flooding chambers dark
Dishonour of bank and clerk.
A simple request, negotiate
No says lawyer because I hate.
Deport, deport, deport
We have tort.
Antiquated Laws behind
Profit, suffering, we don’t mind.
Money is ours, your land
Your house, I am brigand.
Brighter light, shining out
Get behind, give her some clout.
Not my problem, many say
Maybe it will be, it won’t go away.
Who is right, who is wrong
Selling property for a song.
Gaining entry, breaking lock
Who should stand in the dock.
Purchase a property
We have probity.
Disingenuous, influential
Fraudulent miracle.
Oh look memorandum
Builder now dumb.
Get out, deport, intimidate
Our coffers we inflate.

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