Modern Poetry | Perfume | Wings Series

Modern Poetry – Perfume – Wings Series. Mind travelling through the night from Cyprus.


Scent of your body
Heat of skin.
Senses reeling
Needing, wanting.
Stroking, kissing
Finding, loving.
Giving, taking
Until all is.
Gently finding your pearl.
Jewel in my crown.
Treasure so natural
Lighting my dark.
Dissipating my clouds
Shining your light.
Bringing me love
Giving me joy.
Tumbling with love
Holding hands.
No matter which
We will be happy.
In love and loving.
Giving and taking,
Laughing as children
Sure as our age.
Watching you gently sleeping.
I must send this.
To brighten your dawn
Let you know I was there.
I kissed your neck
And nearly went further.
If I had kissed more
I wouldn’t have been able to leave.

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