North Cyprus Property | Dr Celebi | Permission to Purchase


North Cyprus Property | Dr Celebi | Permission to Purchase

So the Government departments continue to be a law unto themselves and totally ignore those they are employed to serve. The public of northern Cyprus. They think they answer to no one and that there are no consequences for their outrageous behaviour. How then can they justify pocketing a salary each month? This is the open e mail sent to Dr Celibi on the 8th April 2012 recording the meeting Ms Read had with Dr Celebi on the 29th July 2011. As you can see from the e mail Ms Read had e mailed her on several occasions and received no replies. She did not receive a reply to this e mail either. Dr Celebi is nothing if not consistent.

North Cyprus Property Victims | Open Email to Dr. Celebi
Sunday, April 8, 2012 by Name & Address Supplied

Dear Dr. Celebi,


This is an open e mail which will be published on North Cyprus Free Press.

I was really interested to read of your promises to those with properties near to Military bases in yesterday’s edition of Cyprus Today, seemingly now those affected might actually be given their Permission to Purchase. Of course there are those who would argue that the Estate Agents who sold properties so close to the bases, and indeed the Advocates acting for those purchasers, could perhaps have acted more professionally when selling and conveyancing those properties. However, it seems that you may now have the solution and for that we must all be grateful.

We have met Dr. Celebi, on the 29th July 2011, to be exact, you will recall I sent you an e mail confirming our meeting and your promise of help. I distinctly remember the advice you gave me, ‘do not worry,’ which of course that was an invitation to worry. I never heard anything further from you.

I know my file is in a drawer at the Bakan (Ministry of the Interior) I have sent further e mails to you, have requested help from the Minister of Finance, have inboxed the Minister of the Interior and yes, you have guessed, like you they too ignore me. I cannot complain of inconsistency.

I have had the pleasure of reading the contents of a letter from that file in Halkin Sesi and can only assume that anyone who comes to the Bakan requesting a looksee at my file is given free access, especially if the name starts with K and ends with R and he is on the Encumeni Commitee. Privacy and the invasion thereof seems of little consequence to the current administration even though it is a violation of my Human Rights. The same article called for my deportation and frankly nothing surprises me any more.

What do I expect as a result of this e mail. Nothing, it is what I always get. My file has been awaiting the signature of the Council of Ministers since February 2011 and I guess if I were going to be given permission, I would have received it by now. I surmise a certain Bank has decreed I will not get it and no one in authority has the courage to disobey them.


Pauline Read

Kulaksiz 5 victim – admin on Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group – Human Being

What really upsets Ms Read is the fact that another woman appears to think that it is okay to make promises and break them. To allegedly lie when saying she will help, since she clearly has had much time to do so since their meeting some one year and five months ago (1 year and 5 months). There was an article in Cyprus Today around the same time where Dr Celebi was quoted as saying she was trying to make the acquisition of PTP on properties near to Military establishments possible and also telling applicants they could directly apply to her for for their PTP’s. It would be interesting to know if during the one year and five months since this article has appeared if any one has achieved a PTP for a property near a military establishment?

Now apparently the Ministry of the Interior have lost Ms Read’s application and she has had to submit a new application, very impressive Dr Celebi, lost then found now lost again and all allegedly since you became involved.

My advice to Ms Read would be, sue the Government. It is one of their departments and one of their employees that is giving you the ‘run around’.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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