Modern Poetry | Passing Time

Modern Poetry – Passing Time. Waiting for a visitor.

Passing Time

Counting down
Time to spare.
Love to share
Flight to catch.
Fuel flowing
Speeding you.
To my arms
Holding hands.
Where was love
Before we met.
Locked in hearts
Awaiting key.
Opening door
Welcoming in.
Yet to kiss
Feel our hearts.
Beating sure
Faster and pure.
Love to give
Take and keep.
Meeting minds
Exploring thoughts.
Swimming together
To our destiny.
Ethereal poetry
Gives not justice.
To my wants and needs
Breath taking meeting.
Reality comes
Through the air.
No electronic net
You will be here.
Real, alive, breathing
Loves design.
Gentle touch
We need so much.
Relaxing conversation
Anxiety departs.
Tic toc goes the clock
We banish the croc.
Peter and Wendy
Darlings are we.
Grow up we will
Remembering always.
Our flight together
Loving totally.
Laughing with joy
Fingers entwined.
Together not apart
Fish pond walk.
Talk and talk
Holding hands.
Holding hearts
In my house you.
Will be safe
Your feelings paramount.
I can wait for you
To feel right.
Gentleness required
Together we will be.
Love is all
Nothing else.
Important to me
Come fair maid to me.
I am cold here
Without you.
Bring your warmth
Heat and love.
Blacksmith’s forge
Sparks are we.
Melding, welding
Our love.
Small stitch in Tapestry
Fixing hands.
Of girl and boy
Frozen in time.
Alive when no one is
Watching, forever.
Stealing kisses
Our delight.
Dancing through fields
Breathing each other.
Teasing joyfully
Chasing, racing.
Searching for fairies
Buttercup chins.
Reflecting lips
We kiss and kiss

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