Cyprus Property | Sercem Boss Mr Bulutoglulari Resigns as Lefkosa Mayor


Cyprus Property | Sercem Boss Mr Bulutoglulari Resigns as Lefkosa Mayor

Well it seems that the Mayor of Lefkosa has at last resigned. Mr. Cemal Bulutoglulari is unhappy that the promised payday for the LTB workers has not materialised and allegedly states the cause is not a technical one, but a political one. Mr. former Mayor, I can only think has the hide of a rhinoceros and does not see that his poor leadership just might be part of the overall problem. Whilst you are falling on your sword Mr. Bulutoglulari, perhaps you can spare a thought, even maybe a compassionate thought, for those who have bought from your building Company Sercem, those whose lives you have also been blighted by putting mortgages on their homes, after you had sold them. Do you consider this good business practice, do you consider this honest business practice? There are those who consider it criminal fraud.

Mr Robb is bleating in Cyprus Today that “I’m not the bad one” and goes on to say “now truth needs to be told”. Apparently he didn’t know the land was Greek Cypriot owned and was told it was Turkish owned land. Now where have I heard that before, oh yes, a Director of Aga is using the same argument about his Hotel land. The former Head of the Constructors’ Union, Mr. Cafer Gurcafer is using the same old chestnut allegedly in the courts of the ROC. Makes you wonder how these two ‘innocents abroad’ ever had the capacity to even tie their own shoelaces, never mind run businesses.

Well Mr. Robb, are you saying you still don’t know that the land in Amaranta Valley is claimed as Greek Cypriot land, why do you think you were extradited to the ROC, tried, found guilty and spent 10 months in jail there? This idea that you are a victim doesn’t really fly now does it? You are allegedly trying to blackmail the TRNC Government into letting you back into the country to have yet another bite of the cherry.

But wait, how can you ask to be allowed to finish the construction on land you are accusing the Government of hiding the provenance of? Pull the other one Mr Robb, your record (criminal that is) precedes you. If the unthinkable should happen and you are allowed to do as you request, how long do you think it will take the ROC to have another European Arrest Warrant issued and where in Europe could you hide? Rhetorical question.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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