Modern Poetry | One Star

Modern Poetry – One Star

One Star

I thought of you and who you lost
Not for jealous purpose.
But to admire and applaud
What you were, so in love.
He was a very privileged man
You a privileged woman.
How time is short
Changing time, love lost, but.
Love never dies as lovers do
It remains the same, golden.
Pervading, ebbing and flowing
Through time and space.
Like the tide on the shore
Pleasing memory, hurting.
It is real, lasting for you
Part of you forever.
One star in the night sky
Brighter than the rest.
Is him watching over you
Twinkling, winking, loving.
Indestructible love
Memories forever.
Cannot go back
Wondering why.
Years pass, hurt remains
Tide recedes easing pain.
It never fully goes
Nor should it or we love in vain.
Part of you remains with him
And it will until eternity.
Loves should never clash
But accept their destiny.
I too love one lost
Sometimes I forget.
Inevitably I catch my breath
Pay homage with a tear.
Life goes on Love to give and take
Wondering why.
Loves can be shared
They are part of us.
When I am gone to a star
Someone, somewhere.
Raising eye to the night sky
Will perhaps shed a tear.
Remembering fond memories
Wondering why.
I will watch, winking and twinkling
Watching over.
Go out and lift your head
See the winking twinkling stars.
Watching over, protecting you
Smiling their love light on you.
Do not count them
Pick the brightest one.
Don’t feel sad
Be pleased and smile back.

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