North Cyprus Property | Advocate Charges for Correcting Their Mistake


North Cyprus Property | Advocate Charges for Correcting Their Mistake

For some time now Pauline has been attempting to help some victims of a landowner who managed to persuade the Tapu in Girne to de-register their Contracts. The landowner is using the rationale that the Contracts do not contain the right signature.

Well that being so why didn’t the Advocate discover this? That being so why were they allowed to Register their Contracts back in 2008 in line with the Estate Agents’ Law? That being so why did the landowner allow the purchasers to weigh in on his side when he was in dispute with the builder and one of the set of victims even gave evidence in court in support of the landowner? Now they find without their knowledge and consent their Contracts have been de-registered.

The readers of Free Legal Advice page now know that, as with British Law, a Contract can also be an ‘implied verbal Contract’. There is the necessary paper trail of the giving by the purchasers and the receiving by the builders/landowners of the monies for these properties thus proving the existence of a Contract between both the vendor and the purchasers.

Unfortunately these victims all live in the UK and not unnaturally trusted the Advocate who did the conveyancing to protect their interests.   That is what he took the “big bucks” from them for.

Talking of “big bucks” this same Advocate now wants £1000 from each of them, for them to pay the costs along the way and, IF he wins, a £4000 bonus from each of them. All for getting them out of the mess he got them into. Yes… he got them into.

When he first prepared their Contract, as happens in Britain, he should have diarized the completion date as per Contract and when that day arrived, he should have chased the builder/landowner to see that they had complied with the terms of the Contract he prepared. If that had happened, he would be chasing the  villains in 2006 not 2013. In fact, if all Advocates did their duty, this is exactly what would have happened in every case, the situation would not have been allowed to get out of hand because the problems would have been addressed as they happened, not many, many years later.

None of the Advocates who just clapped their hands, garnered in the money and let corruption take over seem to acknowledge that most of what has happened is THEIR FAULT. All they see are £ signs, all they hear is ‘ching ching’  <):) more money for us.

Now let us return to the de-registering of a Contract of Sale. Should the Tapu have arbitrarily allowed this to happen? Are they legally qualified to make such a decision? Is this not a case for a Judge to decide on? Have the Tapu overstepped their mandate? Did a little brown envelope change hands?

Here we are then in 2013 still discovering more  and more frauds and what do the ‘power that be do?’ Rhetorical question. Yes it is a matter for the courts, the laws are there to protect people, but what happens when the laws are ignored?  Yes another heart gets broken =((.

I would like to say that not all Advocates have behaved this way. There are those who took their duty seriously and monitored the conveyance from start to finish. I am not going to praise them for this because this is what they were paid to do.

Never give in never give up.

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