Modern Poetry | Inspiration

Modern Poetry – Inspiration. Wondering why, after years with little creative thought other than work orientated,  my brain had begun to form and compose stuff without conscious thought, this occurred to me:


Where is it from?
How does it come.
Let it flow
From heart to.
Magic of brain
Scribbled on paper.
Not an engine
Never false.
Tapping keys
Think of love.
Of humanity
And experience.
Arriving from a fountain
Mysterious and pure.
Symbiotic composition
Without conscious thought.
Honeyed words
But not too sweet.
Syrup disrupts reading
Lost in the goo.
Write not false
Nor plagiarised.
Let your heart
Connect to brain.
When it does not flow
Relax, reconnect.
Do not rush
You will know when.
Opening natural tap
Flowing not mush.
Clear the mind
Your are allowed.
Flow as one
Capture your heart.
Trance like mystical
Magical prose.
Write it true
Let it go.
From you to me
Reach my heart.

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