Snow, snow, snow in Cyprus

With reports of a tornado hitting southern Turkey and snow falling on Ankara and Istanbul at present, it seems snow is the order of the day.  I lay awake last night listening to the thunder, watching the flashes of lightning and realising it was considerably colder than it had been of late, I was unsurprised when Agile Chris brought in me my tea in bed this morning and told me there was snow on the hills just behind us. It is an unusual but beautiful scene but best viewed from indoors.

Yesterday we went to the south and as usual came back through Astromeritis. In search of some seeds for my favourite little flower ‘Felicia’ we decided to take a detour to a garden centre near Troodos village. Oh dear, what an adventure. We ended up in Troodos village and as you can see from the pictures, there is still much snow. Not only that but as we climbed it started snowing heavily. Now you must realise we have no idea whether the car had anti freeze put in as new and the temperature gauge in the car started showing us the falling temperature which eventually fell to a low of -4oC. In Troodos village there was a JCB moving snow off the road.

I must congratulate the road agency in the RoC because although the snow on the sides of the road was deep, the roads were clear. I have to admit to failure in the search for ‘Felicia’ seeds and breathed a sigh of relief as we left the snow behind and the temperature gauge climbed to a ‘balmy’ 10oC.

The claim that you can ski in the morning and sunbathe in the afternoon in Cyprus is a boast this island can be proud of.

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