Popular Science News | Call for Plastic Bag Levy in England

Popular Science News | Environmental groups are apparently calling for a plastic bag levy in England similar to the one already in place in Wales. A charge of 5p in Wales has reduced the number used there whilst in England the number is rising. Environmental groups explain that the reason for wanting a reduction is because most plastic takes an estimated 450 to 1,000 years to degrade at sea, often eventually forming plastic dust.

Now, am I the only person in the world who think that the 5p charge is nothing to do with the environment but is actually just another move by supermarkets to make a profit? Eight billion carriers were used in England last year, that would be £400m in revenue if a 5p charge was levied and yet they would still end up in the ocean. Wouldn’t a more environmentally friendly move be to use biodegradable carriers and go even further by replacing all the other packaging in the same way? That really would show that supermarkets were more concerned with the environment than making a profit.

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