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I happened by accident on to Cyprus Forum yesterday. Quite a feat since I seem to have been barred from there too.

I read ‘nige”s sanitised version of why I am no longer allowed to be a member of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus, the second version. The version that I put so many hours into building up the membership to well over 2450 by the time I left and which now just sits there having the occasional one or two comments added whenever ‘nige’ finds someone new to befriend.

You all know what was said on there by ‘nige’ so I won’t repeat it, but as I have said before he is a little man with a big ego and very scant regard for ‘freedom of speech’ hence the many deletions on the second version after my leaving.

I have also made public the real reason I believe this whole scenario was choreographed to get rid of me so I wont repeat that again either.

Some of the comments on NCF under the repetition of HIS reasons for my leaving are worth looking at.

‘rcroton’ has a few interesting things to say, one might also think this was ‘nige’ speaking. Some of his comments are foolish, some petty and some plain stupid. Of course we know he does not indulge in multiple identities, calm down I have my tongue firmly in my cheek.

‘Sugarpuffbear’ makes a very valid comment on unity, but it is important that the right people unite and that those apparently united are not self serving.

‘Meandhim’ were quite right, I am the unfortunate woman who bought her house and had it taken and YES I will continue to be a pain in the arse.

‘cyprusishome’ as ever got to the crux of the matter and saw things the way they really are and not the way ‘nige’ would like them to be.

‘natalie’ Thanks for your support

Now for little ‘nige’, little ‘nige’ with the little intellect, and the huge EGO. If I had to choose a colour to describe ‘nige’, it would have to be green.

‘nige’, my accident resulted in a DISLOCATION of the right shoulder. There was no head injury and it in no way impaired my thinking processes. Shortly after the fall I did sustain a very nasty knife wound, right in the middle of my back. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, it is a RAT.

‘nige”s words: “What now for stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus? I aim to take the group forward in a positive and constructive way, trying to help solve & find solutions to property problems here in the TRNC. It is my belief this can only be done by working with people, institutions and NGO’s in a mutually respectful manner without attacking maligning or ridiculing them.”

Well bully for ‘nige’ or should I say Making North Cyprus Better. So ‘nige’ believes that after almost a decade of neglect and six years of absolute NOTHING from the Governments he and his merry little band are going to achieve what so many have failed to do, i.e. ‘Get the Government to listen and act’ words do not cut it ‘nige’.

The truth, with ancillary evidence ‘nige’, is not maligning or ridiculing, it is the truth and if certain Ministers wish to keep themselves ‘clean’ they should behave accordingly. Ms Ibrahim’s “good friend” who phones her over the weekend, is a good example. If you hold high office, be sure to keep yourself above reproach. The pressure applied on both me and NCFP to suppress the truth is unworthy of those who profess further the cause of property victims and more in line with the actions of those wishing to line their own pockets.

The Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus is growing daily. Unlike the other stbinc this group is democratic, no censorship is allowed, the members are the group and I am just the caretaker. It is a secret group for no other reason than that is the way ‘nige’ set it up before abandoning it with me as the only remaining member. With my belief system I have to believe that God knew I would need it.

Never give in never give up.

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