North Cyprus Natural History | Hissed at by my Resident Chameleon

So, I was driving up my drive on the way back from my combined dog walk and Sunday morning shopping trip only to discover a large chameleon blocking my path. I got out and took advantage of the chameleon taking a breather as it rushed across my path in order to take a few photographs. I parked the car on the slope this morning and allowed the chameleon to take its time crossing. A few hours later it had moved about a foot and so I decided to see if I should move it, consulting the internet first. Like all topics on the internet it is worth seeking several opinions. The first article suggested that I could slowly move my hand towards it and it would get used to me and let me pick it up. That’s when it turned towards me and hissed. I was a little surprised, to say the least. Other articles confirmed that you should not handle a wild chameleon. I’ll stick to that advice in the future.


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