Cyprus Property Victims | nothing much has changed in nearly 50 years

In David Carter’s book The Cyprus Tapes, John Aziz, the current owner of Lambousa Hotel, claimed that in the early 1970’s:

“The Greek Cypriot authorities had imposed unfair restrictions on him and other Turkish Cypriots who wanted to be businessmen. First they would say. ‘Yes. John. You can build your hotel, but we must see the plans.’ Fine. I would submit my plans and then they would say. “Sorry. John. The area has been designated a military zone. You can’t build here.” Then a Greek would come and say he would buy my land. Suddenly for him the place would not be a military area. Then they would say. ‘All right, John, build your hotel, but you must have Greek partners.’ But they never wanted to put up any money. They only wanted to take the profits.”

Doesn’t this remind you of the current situation here in North Cyprus? The only difference is that now it’s the Turkish Cypriots instead of the Greek Cypriots and ex-pats instead of Turkish Cypriots.

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