North Cyprus Environment | Bonelli’s Eagle Bird Conservation

North Cyprus Environment | Bonelli's Eagle Bird ConservationNorth Cyprus Environment | Bonelli’s Eagle Bird Conservation

“This video tells the story of a poisoned Bonelli’s Eagle that was rehabilitated in North Cyprus by a group of local conservationists who have been tracking the status of the species in their country.

The film also discusses the grave problems faced by the Bonelli’s Eagle and other birds of prey as poisoning and illegal hunting remain poorly controlled, despite the complete eradication of three large raptor species over the last 50 years.

As our last remaining large breeding raptor, the Bonelli’s Eagle is the flagship species for bird conservation in North Cyprus. We wish to use this as an example to raise awareness amongst Turkish Cypriots of these problems and to help turn the tide against the continuing decline of the Island’s birds by supporting Turkish Cypriot environmental NGOs.”

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