North Cyprus Property | The Long Path to K5’s Interim Injunction

North Cyprus Property | The Long Path to K5’s Interim Injunction

After the euphoria of yesterday when not only did Kulaksiz 5 get an Appeal upheld for an Interim Injunction, but also another site too in a very similar situation, today reality sets in.

Next Thursday the 21st of February the Kulasksiz 5 are back in court for a hearing. There is a difference between an appearance and a hearing. We are told that on Thursday at 2.00 pm it will be a hearing. Evidence will be given by a member of K5 so there should be an interpreter present. The Judge Talat Usar also gave a follow on date for the next day, Friday 22nd February at 10.30 am Clearly this will give continuity to the proceedings.

It is important to remember that yesterday’s success followed:

1. Lower Court Hearing where the Judge ruled against the Interim Injunction
2. An Appeal of the Lower Court Judgement where the High court Judges sent the case back to the Lower Court to be heard again.
3. Another Lower Court Hearing for the Interim Injunction where Judge Talat Usar also ruled against the K5
4. Another request to Talat Usar for an emergency Interim Injunction which he also refused.
5. Yet another Lower Court Hearing for an Interim Injunction also refused.
6. An Appeal against the ruling in number 3, when yesterday K5 were given their much sought after Interim Injunction on a majority verdict by two of the three High Court Judges.

As you can see K5’s legal team has had to work hard to get to the point they are at today. The fight is by no means over, but it will continue with the K5 feeling very much better.

You support on Thursday and Friday 21st and 22nd February at Girne District will be appreciated.

Never give in never give up.


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