Dolores the Donkey a victim of Assan Curseyatt, Director of Assa Development Limited

As you are aware I do have a soft spot for all donkeys. I suppose it is to be expected since I frequently make an ‘ass’ of myself.  Imagine my delight then when visiting Sam’s Place just off the main Girne to Karsiyaka road, in Alsancak I spotted a beautiful young donkey with his head over the fence.

As you know, I frequently mention my extended family in the Karpas, Dolores, Del and Rio, there used to be a fourth member of the family, Donkeyote but sadly, as is now the vogue, there was a divorce in the family and so Donkeyote has returned to his native Spain. Dolores is now a lone parent and is bringing up Del and Rio single handedly or should that be single footedly.   Dolores telephoned me recently to tell me that Donkeyote is not meeting his obligation as a father and the  60 carrots a month she was awarded in maintenance is slow in coming and often never arrives at all.   She has lodged a new case against him at the Donkey District Court, but as she said,  justice here is hard to come by. I did ask her who her Advocate was and she said it was Assan Curseyatt.  I said, I thought the name sounded familiar. She said yes, he used to be a Director  of Assa Development Limited.

Now the new donkey in my life, the one living over the fence at Sam’s Place, is rather young and very handsome.  He tells me he is somewhat traumatised over the journey to his new home.  Apparently a good friend of Sam’s brought him there along the main road.  He had been tethered and on a reasonably long rope with Sam’s friend leading him, however he says that the traffic spooked him somewhat and by the time they arrived at Sam’s Place the friend was being led by the donkey at about 60 m.p.h. The donkey told me that he thought maybe Sam’s friend had steel caps on his heels because he swears he saw sparks flying.

My new young friend looks so handsome and  because of his traumatic journey to Sam’s, I think I shall call him Speedy, as in Speedy Gonzoles. He does have a look of Donkeyote about him, but don’t tell Dolores. He is settling in well and Sam’s children clearly love him.  He clearly loves Sam as the photo attached shows.

I have told Speedy about Charles the Cameleon who I know lives in the hedge that Speedy looks over.  I think Charles is now having his ‘long’ winter nap but will be thrilled to see Speedy when he wakes up.   I have asked Speedy to be very careful when he is  feeding, we would not want him to eat Charles accidentally.

The humans and companies mentioned in this article are purely fictional (except Sam and his children)  and any chance resemblance to humans or companies living or dead is purely coincidental.

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