North Cyprus News Update | in Cyprus Today – 17/12/2011

North Cyprus News Update | in Cyprus Today - 17/12/2011North Cyprus News Update | in Cyprus Today – 17/12/2011

Interest Rate Bill gives hope – according to one of the MPs involved in drafting the bill, ” the law will be retrospective and will be binding even in cases where court judgements have been given, but yet to be implemented.” This law, if implemented next year, would mean that astronomically inflated loans would be immediately reduced. Editor: and if it is not implemented, or more likely put off until a later date, then the TRNC government will be showing the world they support loan sharks and would leave us wondering why they would be doing that. Some might even believe there are sharks in high places. Watch out for a rush of auctions in the next few months, that is unless the courts call a halt to them NOW!

Mr Denktaş enjoys a public visit – he’s out of hospital and visited the Democratic Party HQ

Bonus wage plea – the TRNC need 345m TL to pay December’s wage and pension’s bill, including the “13th wage” bonus. They are looking for an advance of next year’s budget allowance from Turkey. Editor: don’t get me started!

‘Hopes of a settlement fade for homeowners’ – Turkish Cypriots are selling their property in the South, possibly even those who “have taken a property in the North after giving up their claim on their property in the South.”

Lordos: I want 115 million euros – for Maraş. He’s taken his claim to the IPC and is claiming that they are too slow. Editor: perhaps that’s because they might be giving it back as part of the Cyprus Settlement?

South to be quizzed on property – because it is believed that they have failed to implement legislation requiring them to issue title deeds quickly. 50,000 expats in the South still do not have deeds.

Supermarkets call for end to ban on whole turkey imports – enacted a few years ago to give a local producer a monopoly. Editor: not exactly a free market here, bet that producer won’t be voting for entering the EU.

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