Cyprus Gardening | Using Grey Water

Cyprus Gardening | Using Grey WaterCyprus Gardening | Using Grey Water

Isn’t nature wonderful. Man will interfere with nature by creating hybrids, Every so often nature says. ‘sod you’, I did a perfect job anyway.

I bought a beautiful hybrid hibiscus from the garden centre and have enjoyed its flowers for a couple of years. This year nature has decided to show me she’s in charge in a lovely way.

To help conserve water, all my shower water, washing machine water and hand wash basin water is diverted into a 5 ton grey water tank. This way with the aid of a submersible pump I am still able to water during the height of the summer. An added bonus is that the soap in the water seems to be doing a good job on the various insect pests that attack the plants. A double saving if you will and organic to boot.

Happy gardening

Pauline Thrower.


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