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Chelsey VillageNorth Cyprus Property | Chelsey Village CVOA Replies

I received an email from ‘CVOA’, one of the two Chelsey Village Owners’ Association, the other being Chelsey Village for Change (CVFC). CVFC had their turn yesterday so now it’s CVOA’s turn. Again I’m just quoting what is being said and keeping out of this scrap.


Allegations have been published in the Free Press by Tony Logan, Carol Ramsey, Andy Caldwell without checking the veracity of their libellous letters: I attach documentation which you may wish to peruse and note that, as Chair of CVOA, I do not make any statement or decision without the majority support of the committee, as Mr. Logan knows very well. He is a self-serving egotist who seems determined to ruin Chelsey Village by encouraging people not to pay their maintenance which is used for upkeep of CV, while he actually pays his! Mr. Logan resigned from CVOA as he made a unilateral agreement with the then manager Mustafa who has since been discredited in more ways than one. His request to be reinstated as Vice Chair was refused, since when he has entered a vendetta against CVOA but primarily myself as the chief target. All this negative publicity can only serve to deter people from purchasing at Chelsey Village and cannot be in anyone’s best interest.

1) His group allege Cheelsey Management has no right to ban people from using the facilities.


2) Maintenance is not being carried out

Many non-payers complain about unsafe steps to their property – but they were in place when people purchased their properties. They are uneven but handrails have been provided and, of course, if you can’t manage steps, then don’t purchase.

Fact: Although there are some concerns regarding the maintenance company (and there have been several), most owners at Chelsey Village have been paying maintenance regularly because they want to keep the village in good order. Members of CVOA, made up of people who do pay their maintenance, are effectively paying more than necessary due to the deficit caused by a group of people who refuse to contribute but believe they have a “right” to use all the facilities. It is grossly unfair upon people who do pay.

Non-payers are not being denied access to their properties, they are rightly being refused use of the roads,( which are maintained by our payments) with their vehicles, this and the other restrictions should have enforced years ago and I attach Mr. Logan’s comments in blue ink where he advocates harsh steps. CVOA have ascertained with Belydesi that Yigor own all the roads, and parking spaces. Owners have a right of access only to their properties, there is no contractual specification dealing with vehicular traffic.

Snagging complaints are a construction issue and should be negotiated separately with Yigor by those who have problems. This has nothing to do with maintenance of the village. It seems some owners also confuse routine care of property they own and automatically blame the developers.

Andy Caldwell has made a completely libellous statement regarding the sinking fund. This is held in Universal Bank, a copy of latest statement is printed on our forum and is sent to all members and people who have contributed. There are two signatories (there had been three but unfortunately our Secretary, a chartered accountant sadly died) to the account and interest is accruing.

Mr. Logan joined CVOA committee on 16.2.09 at the inaugural meeting of CVOA. He was voted in as vice chair at AGM on 11.10.10. His resignation was accepted on 26.10.10, although he did tell me he acted hastily and wanted to rescind but I said it had already been accepted (see document attached).

Only seven weeks ago, you will see an email he wrote to his pals, which has been forwarded to me by a CVOA supporter as neither I, nor the committee are included in his circulation. It confirms that the site has shown a “vast improvement”. If you open the June Supplement attached you will even see a picture of the van carrying out work.

I am also attaching a very interesting document. It is a letter I typed to the committee outlining a conversation I had with the main Yigor investor’s daughter Julianna . In blue print Mr. Logan has printed his comments. The very people he wanted us to get tough with are the ones he now seeks to support! A case of do as I say rather than do as I do. And he does pay his maintenance while exhorting others to default on theirs.

I would ask you to take the time to read these documents and I am confident you will understand that we have been caused unnecessary stress by his many invidious accusations.

Some owners do not seem to understand that Cheelsey Management is a Private Limited Company not a Public LC. Therefore, there is no legal requirement for them to publish accounts. A few years ago, Ivan did publish accounts and a budget has been sent out by Furkat a year or so ago.

CVOA was formed to liaise with developers and maintenance company on behalf of its members. It is made up of volunteers who have no control whatsoever over Yigor or Cheelsey Management. Members’ suggestions are passed on to the company and recommendations are made, which often fall on stoney ground. Occasionally our advice is listened to and we certainly support Furkat and Adrian in their endeavours. We have no input on the style of the development, the length or breadth of the swimming pool, whether or not the restaurant or mini-bus are available or whether the sun shines!

Neither I nor CVOA committee had any advance notice that harsh action was about to be taken to retrieve in excess of £100,000 in arrears, neither did we write a Maintenance Contract – which we have always maintained would only be effective if it was given to a new owner to read and agree prior to signing the Sales Contract. None-the-less, all purchasers are fully aware that monthly charges would apply and honourable people do pay. However, we certainly do think Yigor and Cheelsey Management have tried all peaceful means to get people to pay for the upkeep of CV and sincerely hope that all owners will do so and that divisions between payers and non-payers can be healed and peace can be restored in Chelsey Village. With more money in the Maintenance Post, more work can be done on the development and the monthly charges could be reduced accordingly for all of us. CVOA supports the Management Company in their recent stance and has received many emails from members who are 100% behind them, as they are aware of the years this debt has been allowed to accumulate.

Mr. Logan now seems to be demanding Kocans (he does keep moving the goalposts). Until the Architect has signed off the site and application is made to the Registry, this will not occur.”

 Nine files were attached and for the sake of fairness I’ve added these below:


  1.  Sinking-fund-explanation.doc
  2. Meeting-8.10.10-with-solicitor.doc
  3. Logan-email-2-the-facts..doc
  4. LEGAL-Oct-2012-email-to-members.docx
  5. June-Furkat-2013.pdf
  6. Forum-Facts-re-CVOA-1.9.12.docx
  7. Email-mbrs-sink-fnd-and-thanks-Nov-2012.docx
  8. Conversation-with-J-Tonys-comments-1.doc
  9. CONSTITUTION-CVO-1.10.12revised.doc
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