Cyclamen – early Spring in Cyprus

Gradually over the last few weeks the Cyclamen flowers have started to appear beneath the shade of trees, creating a beautiful pink carpet. These plants are native to the Mediterranean and the delicate flowers disappear as the season progresses and the hot sun shrivels the plant until all that is left are the tubers hidden beneath the soil.

The Cyclamen is the national flower of Israel and in some areas its popularity for decoration, medicine and culinary use has severely depleted native populations. The plant is renown  all over the world for its delicate taste and the petals are often used to make tea.  The tubers have been used for medicine and even used to make little flat cakes called Sowbread, reputed as being ‘a good amorous medicine causing the partaker to fall violently in love.’

In modern herbals Cyclamen is described as a ‘self-esteem builder essence’, which reputedly allows a person to build their self-esteem and confidence.

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