Come to north Cyprus via Larnaca or Ercan?

A friend told me that it was quicker to get to Kyrenia if he went via Larnaca airport. I asked him to explain and he told me that the flight from the UK takes 4 hrs 30 minutes and the taxi takes 1 hr 30 minutes; 6 hrs in total. The same journey to Ercan was 5 hrs 45 minutes by air, including 1hr on the tarmac in Turkey. Add the 45 minute taxi journey and that makes 6hrs 30 minutes; 30 minutes longer.

For a moment I was ready to agree that it was better to fly to Larnaca until I thought about the cost. I decided that I’d try and see what price a flight was from London to Cyprus. I chose Saturday 27th February to Saturday 6th March as an example.

Thomas Cook to Larnaca costs £142.08 and Pegasus to Ercan £167.97. The taxi one-way prices were roughly £40 from Larnaca and £20 from Ercan so that the total cost for a couple via Ercan would be £375 and via Larnaca £365. Hardly much of a saving. Car hire from airport to airport would make it slightly cheaper to travel from Larnaca if you used one of the car hire firms which allowed you to take a car to the north. In both cases the price would be around £120 for a 8-day hire, and that includes the extra insurance needed to cross into the north.

In the past I would say that travelling via Larnaca made sense, 30 minutes quicker and £10 cheaper, but in the light of recent events perhaps the sensible thing to do is fly via Ercan. As to where to spend a holiday, Eurozone or LovelyLiraLand, no contest!

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