An inch of rain in a few hours!

According to Nigel Heasman’s website at there has been 2.3cm of rain in the last few hours and at 6am this rain is still continuing. This winter has seen a remarkable amount of flooding and the current rain storms are set to carry on until tomorrow at least.

There are many stories of reservoirs being full and overflowing and locally a ravine has developed into a rapidly flowing stream, something that to my knowledge has not happened for the last decade at least. This rain is also exposing poor construction practices and at one site an access road has developed a huge crack and is in danger of falling into the ravine, “Support” walls have collapsed and more are in danger of following. The roofs of many villas have also been shown to not be water-tight.

Rain is to Cyprus as snow is to England, something they are not prepared for. Roads are again becoming difficult to navigate and I’m sure that I’ll again see a variety of Cypriot driver responses to flooded roads, from a great reluctance to venture in the water to water-logged cars stuck axle deep. Even as I type, at 6.30am, I can hear from the cascading rain that my intended journey to Kyrenia is going to be one peppered with incidents; that’s if I’m foolish enough to venture away from the warmth of the log burning stove.

Nigel’s website now shows that this current storm has released 2.6cm of rain, 3mm in a very short time!
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