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Copyright free daily images of Tobacco. Whenever I think of tobacco I’m reminded of Sir Walter Rayleigh’s introduction of the weed into the UK in Bob Newhart’s comedy sketch.
“Are you saying “snuff,” Walt? What’s snuff? You take a pinch of tobacco (starts giggling) and you shove it up your nose! And it makes you sneeze, huh. I imagine it would, Walt, yeah. Goldenrod seems to do it pretty well over here. It has some other uses, though. You can chew it? Or put it in a pipe. Or you can shred it up and put it on a piece of paper, and roll it up — don’t tell me, Walt, don’t tell me — you stick in your ear, right Walt? Oh, between your lips! Then what do you do to it? (Giggling) You set fire to it! Then what do you do, Walt? You inhale the smoke! You set fire to it! Then what do you do Walt? You inhale the smoke! Walt, we’ve been a little worried about you… you’re gonna have a tough time getting people to stick burning leaves in their mouth….”
Daily Images | Tobacco

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