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Below is a Google translation of a piece written on the Toplaraniyoruz web page. We were expecting a translation in English of Mr. Kudret’s report on the meeting held at the Pia Bella. I did see Ms Ibrahim was requested to translate the Turkish version but as yet it has not appeared. Clearly Pembe did not have the time. No changes have been made, incorrect spelling has been left to avoid allegations of changing the meaning.

Figen Inan wrote: Pembe, Kudret bey has written a long article on behalf of our meeting in Pia Bella and the top issues that concerns most of us but especially the expats… if you have time pls translate that into English as I am away now. Thank you. 13 September at 17:22 via Mobile

Pembe Ibrahim: Thank you Figen I will get it translated to English as soon as possible.

“Parties Should Expect Us To Pull The Strings!

Toparlanıyoruz is the first since the day in which the movement of the political parties seen as an enemy, is consistently and clearly the parties democracies within the top again. General sense of movement in the country, politicians and political parties is an insecurity that, having regard to the causes of this, political parties making their özeleştirilerini should take some steps to review and.

Political parties “have lost the lead to the selection of a political approach that is” vicious, especially during the period of ruling this country, they can be made with errors in confronting the most important contribution to accept them, emphasizing that it would be Toparlanıyoruz Movement some time ago had a call all political parties: “the result is a kind of non-paged pool in our system of law, clogged the corruption files might hold you yourselves on these issues,” said the party’s own corruption infects by a usulsüzlüğe or try to determine disciplinary needs grow. Get the expressions “rights review.

We carry the agenda late last week and in documents on the internet and then to the press reflected oil filling plant and rafineye CTP-not to be missed during the period of review on the question be allowed ÖRP government behaviour. According to Newspaper CTP Secretary-general in Cyprus, Mr. Akansoy have agreed that the filling facility on the television program error and clear up. Just pass it: “Asim Akansoy,” it is true that the resulting documents, during the period of the establishment of a facility of this type in the FRP is permitted Kalecik. The Department of the environment has been subject to approval was given to you here. All State institutions to this situation is that the positive response, the investment has been awarded ‘ answer ‘, there is no halimiz will run away, “he said. Akansoy, “we accept that it is not true that our initiative in the period, saying that it is wrong,” he said. “

Mr. Akansoy’s description, although after the documents have been made, a virtuous behavior. MYK’s comment revealed contradictory status a CPT since may, Mr. Akansoy, to congratulate for this must speak. To accept the reality of virtue.

Since the day when political Movement Toparlanıyoruz partilerimizin eleştirildiğinde by us, are happy that the parties other than themselves, and even in our own party documents uncovered for days off the cuff with public opinion paylaştıklarına; a criticism to them without the presence of a vast conspiracy to kişiselleştirip it, they believe this into believing they work everyone. Political parties which see this movement as a political party, the enemy is no privileges or special treatment (whether positive or negative sense) that is not in question, and shall not thereafter. No political party look to pull the strings from ummasın!

Within the framework of the Toparlanıyoruz Movement engaged in illegal and vicious Patricia accounts employed as a partisan, rural land from the municipality of misconduct and corruption, which distributes in Nicosia Turkish claims that somehow sonuçlandırmayan and those who remain on the ground next to the author, saying, our economy in the country is demeyen stone flies ….. with a Teknecik power plant, despite taunting but flying economy filter taktırmayan, and even ödemeyip even from the official post of traffic police with his sentence sentence sildirmeye the Government to have a greater understanding of the shield UBP decries the hard. But no one criticizing opposition political parties in the country, this movement faces criticism of bad management and favors giving up or getting beklememelidir opposition to the proposals.”

I am not sure what a movement such as Toparlaniyoruz expects to achieve without power. Will Kudret Ozersay throw his hat into the political arena at the next General Election? I think he may well do just that, I also think it is the only way he can hope to make a difference. So is his very active movement a wind of change or the start of a new political party? Time will tell.

His very able assistance Figen Inan also posted this on the other stbinc page on Saturday. If the man is not campaigning, he is giving a good facsimile of doing so.

“Hi,just updating you all with what #toparlaniyoruz volunteers andkudret ozersay have been doing…ever saturday as a group of us and mr .kudret ozersay we have visited many villages .first of all mr kudret ozersay briefly explaines what the social contract and the movement is for and what its aims are …we have been welcomed everywhere we go ,and believe that awareness is becoming upon people …alot of the villages are putting their views forward also their worries about their future which they have no faith upon least three times a week mr kudret ozersay is on tv cypriot channels bringing forward all issues concerning the society ,as toparlaniyoruz we believe that being a fair and brave we all snd each one of us can break the unfairness and unjusticeness in trnc ..”

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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