Visit North Cyprus – Koruçam, the only Maronite village in the North

I decided to take a little trip through the North West tip of Cyprus and was surprised as I approached the village of Koruçam that it was full of Greek Cypriot cars and for a moment I thought I’d accidentally crossed into the south. When I returned I decided to do a bit of research about this village I’d never visited before.

Kormacit/Koruçam Kormakitis (Cypriot Maronite Arabic ܟܘܪܡܐܟܝܬܝܣ; Greek: Κορμακίτης, Kormakítis) in North Cyprus is one of four traditionally Maronite villages in Cyprus, the other three in the south are Asomatos, Ayia Marina and Karpaseia. The Maronites of Koruçam traditionally speak their own unique variety of Arabic called Cypriot Maronite Arabic (CMA) in addition to Greek and of course Turkish.

At the weekend, particularly Sunday, the population increases to more than 600 as former residents return to visit relatives and celebrate mass at the imposing St George Church, built in 1930. As a Maronite village, several churches and chapels have been built within the village and the surrounding fields. These churches and chapels belong to the Maronite Church, a denomination of the Catholic Church. The Chapel of the Holy Virgin is a small chapel situated in the west of the village. The chapel was thought to have been built in 1453. The Chapel of Saint George, often referred as Chapel of Saint George of the Nuns, is a chapel situated next to the monastery of the Franciscan sisters, in the centre of the village. It was built in 1534 and was the first chapel to be built inside the village. The monastery of the Franciscan sisters was built in 1936, next to the square of the village.

You can find the way to the village using Google Maps and the coordinates are 35°20′34″N 33°0′39″E


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