Would the UN accept the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus as an Independent State?

North Cyprus Free PressWhile Greek Cypriots have an internationally recognised right to all of Cyprus there is no possibility of them negotiating with Turkish Cypriots for less. This right was originally given to them in 1964 by UN resolution 186 and in 2004 by entry into the EU with the implied right to speak there for Turkish Cypriots.

For this reason, there has been no incentive for Greek Cypriot governments to compromise, whilst behaving as if they were willing to. Greek Cypriot representatives have one aim in the talks, in my opinion, and will never move from it. That is to rule Turkish Cypriots using the overwhelming electoral advantage they would gain in a “united” Cyprus. Then, no matter what promises come from the mouths of Greek Cypriot politicians, there is too much evidence to persuade Turkish Cypriots not to accept any settlement that gives them less than total control of the environment they live in.

This means there will be an impasse unless Greek Cypriots are given an incentive to change their course. That incentive, in my opinion, is allowing Turkish Cypriots to seek a vote in the UN for an independent Turkish Cypriot state. Why not, the Palestinians only managed eight out of the nine votes needed and would have probably failed if they pressed the issue? At least Turkey would then see how popular, or otherwise, the TRNC is. It would also give Turkey food for thought as to their next step when the south take up the EU Presidency.

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