North Cyprus Property | Two Similar Court Cases On Same Day

North Cyprus Property | Two Similar Court Cases On Same Day

The hearing set at the High Court for the decision on the case heard on the 19th September 2012 was held today, the K5 were told it would begin at 9.30 am. Indeed they all were sitting in the court at that time and it became apparent that the K5’s decision was not the only decision to be handed out by the same Appeal Judges this morning.

Now sometimes, for whatever reason, people find themselves in a place they would not have been under normal circumstances. Serendipity appeared to take a hand this morning. There was another decision to be delivered before the K5 decision. The case also receiving their decision from the Appeal Judges was so similar to K5’s it was almost uncanny. Even to the fact that it was the same Bank involved.

The other case involved property in Alsancak, their request for an Interim Injunction had been denied by the lower court, a full Appeal hearing had taken place at the High Court, with the same Judges as the Kulaksiz 5. Some quirky hap chance had put K5 in the same court at the same time for their decision. Because the Alsancak purchasers decision was read out first, the K5 litigants were sitting in the court with them. The female Judge read out her decision which, though lengthy, went in the Alsancak purchasers’ favour, the male Judge to her right read out his decision, also lengthy, and decided in favour of the bank, the third Judge, also male did not read out his decision just indicated he agreed with the female Judge, so we had a two to one majority in favour of the Alsancak purchasers. Strike one for the purchasers.

There was a short break and Boysan Boyra was smiling. We returned to court and similar procedure took place and, YES, K5 have their Interim Injunction, also with a majority verdict of 2 to 1 in their favour. Strike 2 for the purchasers.

It is a small victory, but nevertheless a victory. There is still a long haul ahead of Kulaksiz 5.

I have been assured that, as long as no personal comments are made, the full transcript of the Judges decision can be translated and published. when available. I cannot share what I know yet, but the transcript will reveal all.


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