North Cyprus Property | K5 Appeal Court Decision a Death Blow to Stealth Mortgages

North Cyprus Property | K5 Decision Blow to Stealth MortgageThe K5 Appeal Court decision today is a death blow for Stealth Mortgages in the TRNC.

Legal opinion is that banks will no longer be able to claim house buyers homes by taking charges on land after the properties have been contacted to be sold.

This represents a massive breakthrough for house buyers. The TRNC Appeal Court, Boyralaw, Kulaksiz 5 and all their supporters need a massive vote of confidence for pursuing this Justice. MNCB, BRS, HBPG & STBM and many others have all played a significant role in this success.

The 40 page Judgement was issued in Turkish on St Valentines day 2013, which will be now marked as an historic day for all TRNC house buyers. It is estimated that thousands will benefit from this campaign.

As soon as the report is translated and full implications understood a fuller report will be issued.

Please follow progress on Making North Cyprus Better Movement (MNCB)

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