Modern Poetry – Night Flight

Modern Poetry – Night Flight. Time travelling, visiting a woman.

Night Flight

Flying high over a boat
My dream returned.
Not lost, remembered
New dreams now.
A woman to love
Nurture and cherish.
At times to ravish
Each other.
Making a dream
Come true.
Is easy with love
A  partner.
Symbiotic senses
What each other wants.
Needs important
More than wants.
Needing you
Holding you close.
Hugging tight
Do not want to.
Let go for anything
Except the two lands.
Make it so.
My dream is.
To be with your.
Warmth and mind.
Enveloping my
Body and feelings.
My hands on your
Spine feels right.
Running from
Head to roundness.
Soothing your ache
In heart too.
I need you
You are my gold.
My treasure
Without price.
A beautiful jewel.
A woman to love
Reflection of diamonds.
From your eyes
Your waist garlanded.
By my arms
Your scent breathtaking.
Apart heart breaking
Soon we will be.
Together, music
Of laughter and talk .
Holding hands
Till our coyness.
And shyness
Credentials of soul
We present.
Received, passed
By our love true.
Touch and instinct
Silver shivers.
Golden dreams
Silken fingers.
Stroking, delicate
Finding response.
No mere daliance
Love displaying.
Bodies playing
Opening minds.
Our time to be
Kissing your lips
I must go.
Departing silently
Keeping your warmth.
In tightly closed hand
Still smelling your scent.
To Cyprus I fly
Empty bed.
Full heart
Till tomorrow night


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