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Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris newspaper reports that Serdar Denktash, chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), has argued that a referendum should definitely be held before the resumption talks on the Cyprus problem.

In statements to Ada television, Denktash replied to a question as to whether the Turkish Cypriot side should abandon the negotiating table.

He said that they should not hope that they will be able to show their good will to the world, as they have been negotiating for 40 years and were not able to do this and they said “yes” to the Annan Plan, but they were also not able to do this.

He added: “If we will sit at the table, we will sit with careful good will. Before sitting at the table, a referendum should have been held, but because of the quarrel regarding the National Unity Party’s (UBP) congress, it has not been possible for the issue to be brought onto the agenda. As DP, we have put forward a seven-paragraph approach plan. By doing this we wanted to both warn the president and draw the attention of the people and make known from now what the stance of the DP is and under which circumstances and how action could be taken”.

Responding to a question regarding the relations of the Turkish Cypriots with Ankara, Denktash said: “We must understand now that we exist, that we have a say in the solution of the Cyprus problem and that we are one of the sides which will have a say. Turkey’s interests are important of course, but the Cyprus issue is one of Turkey’s interests. We will not allow this to be forgotten. Coming to the point, we should be, in our relations with Turkey, is an element which will both ease Turkey in the international arena and secure our voice to be heard when we say to the world something regarding our future”.

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