“MNCBM are a problem solving group, not a protest group”

“As most of our founder group are Cypriots we have been virtually closed down for over a week, it’s been rather like our Northern Europe Christmas and New Year period with everyone off visiting families or on holiday abroad.

Before the launch conference we had some shenanigans, a large party of Cypriots were planning to attend but when, at the last minute, one member mentioned it to his Solicitor, they were warned not to attend in case their picture on TV or in the paper would make their position worse. Interesting intimidation, from one’s own side too. How often has that happened, we wonder. Some commented on the small number of Cypriots present, now you can guess why.

Some were disappointed we did not have a question and answer session, we had thought about including it but dismissed the idea as there was quite a lot of dual language stuff taking place. We just felt a dual language question an answer would have been too difficult. So we decided on giving as much information in dual language as possible so that our aims were transparent to all. We’d like to applaud Ada TV for their coverage, Cyprus Today too gave us good coverage last week whilst Cyprus Star came up trumps this weekend with a full 3 page coverage. Some on line articles dammed us with faint praise but that’s how it goes.

An important point that was missed in many briefings was that MNCBM are a problem solving group, not a protest group. Our only reason for being is to help solve the residential housing problem to the benefit of everyone involved. We believe are not going to make progress by being critical of others, we believe we can turn this huge problem into a WIN, WIN for all reasonable people involved. So thank you again for your support.

No surprise to those following events but the K5 Judgement, planned it seems deliberately on the last Court day before Bayram, held no immediate good cheer for the festive season but provided a lot of ammunition for the ECHR. Our comments are unequivocal:

“ The 26th August Kulaksiz 5 Judgement delivered in the Girne Court laid completely bare the inadequacy of the TRNC legal system to deliver justice to house owners. house owners who did nothing but follow TRNC property purchase procedure guided by TRNC lawyers.

The fact that a TRNC Court upholds the action of a creditor taking as security something that has already been sold, not declaring anything but a field to TRNC Land Registry even though there are completed houses on it, and then gets a court to sanction repossession without homeowners being represented. The fact that rates of interest of 250% is seen as perfectly normal in TRNC law.. The fact that a TRNC Judge does not see eviction of 80 year old impoverished residents as causing any irreparable harm. The fact that a Judge of the TRNC Court states that the creditor’s action is perfectly proper TRNC banking procedure shows such critical a flaw in TRNC law and justice that the ECHR will metaphorically drive a tank through it, at profound international embarrassment to the TRNC Government and at great cost to Turkey.

The longer this problem goes un-rectified by the TRNC Government the greater the cost will be to Turkey. This is a massive issue that the TRNC Government must urgently addressed, guided by expert help, to act humanely and prevent radical ECHR intervention”.

Having sent off our first letter to the Prime Minister, within which the 8 point proposals that were widely, possibly universally, supported by conference delegates and home buyer groups, we are now following this up by fleshing out our proposals in a report to the Prime Minister, to followed up with a series of meetings to see if we can get to some common ground on urgent action to be taken. As discussions start we will respect confidentiality until we finish, successful or not at this first attempt. The K5 ECHR case is now being progressed at great pace by Richard Barclay of K5 Group, more of this in our next update.

Malcolm Miticheson
Gultac Ozsan

Joint Secretaries, Making North Cyprus Better Movement.”

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