Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 28/9/2013

Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 28/9/2013

Newsworthy North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today is a little sparse in this edition:

Tourists Claim Harbour Abuse – people walking past restaurants beside Girne Harbour are still be hassled despite the previous government’s assurances that such actions would be outlawed.

Freeze on granting of citizenships – see Cyprus News | Expats Could Soon Apply for TRNC Citizenship

TRNC side ‘needs to be told’ – a US ex-congressmen paid to promote TRNC had previously supported the Greek Cypriot side but now has had a change of heart. Editor: and $200,000

Day-trippers delayed as police fine bus drivers – 6 bus-loads of pensioners on a trip to the south were held up for 3 hours while the TRNC police fined the drivers of the Greek Cypriot registered coaches for operating in the north without a licence. Local bus companies had not been happy about the tour organiser using coaches from the south. Editor: I wonder how many drivers, talking on their mobile phones, sped past the police whilst they challenged the lack of paperwork?



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