North Cyprus | Multimax Internet Service Provider | Be Patient

North Cyprus | Multimax Internet Service Provider | Be Patient

Tucked away on the Multimax website under the support section is a message from Kemal Basat, dated 26th September 2013, asking for customers to be patient over the next few days as Multimax have just moved office and are upgrading their network:

“We are currently in a mess with regards to our support systems. This is in part due to the relocation of our head office to Girne.

We currently are swamped with support requests and are failing to catch up with them in a timely manner. Over the next 7 days we are putting in place a series of changes that will allow us to once more get on top of these support requests. We will be employing new staff and re organising our whole support back end systems and staffing. We also have a series of network upgrades that should go some way to reducing the level and need for support requests in the first place which will be in place by the 1st October.

We expect that the network upgrades mentioned above will solve a large percentage of those customers currently having issues by the 1st of October without them having to do anything further. So we are asking that anyone with support issues short of total loss of internet, including those who have already submitted support requests, wait until the 1st October and then if they are still having issues re submit their support request at that time and not before.”

So, hold on for a few days and you may discover that your problem will disappear.

We understand that this is not ideal but want to assure those of our customers that do have issues that we are committed to rectifying the failings in our support system in the shortest possible time so we can identify and rectify customers with issues effectively and efficiently. We would like to apologise and ask for understanding whilst we strive to achieve this goal.

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