Alsancak Belediyesi | 9 Days No Water | 9 Gün Boyunca Su

Alsancak Belediyesi | 9 Days No Water | 9 Gün Boyunca Su

22/7/2014: Discovered that someone has turned our mains water off probably so they get a higher water pressure themselves. We know that a few years ago a few of our neighbours used to turn off the water pipe down to us so it looks like this may be happening again. Mind you this has only happened in the last 24hrs so does not explain the lack of water for 9 of the 10 days.

21/7/2014: Here we go again, after 9 days we still have no mains water.

31/7/2013: After nine days, little or no water has been delivered by Alsancak Belediyesi to Malatya via the mains. Today a local resident, in order to monitor the supply, emailed two meter readings; their own and a neighbour’s. They said that this time of the year they expected about two tons of water per week but over the last 9 days have received only a few hundred litres and this has not changed the reading they regularly took this time of the year in order to monitor their use of water.

They’ll be visiting Alsancak Belediyesi today and emailing the results of their enquiry concerning the water supply to Malatya and Incesu. Apparently the villages are fed by a waterfall which supplies water twelve months a year.


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