Cyprus Problem | Poll Says South Doesn’t Want Federal States

wrong wayCyprus Problem – Poll Says South Doesn’t Want Federal States

I know it is obvious that the south wants a Unified Cyprus with majority rule but to actually see a poll put a figure to their rejection of a Turkish Cypriot federal state in the north is eye opening. Of those polled, 64% of Greek Cypriots did not want two federal states and 75% of Turkish Cypriots did.

Of course there were a lot more statistics from the small poll of 500 people but why bother with them when there is such a fundamental divergence in what the two sides want. To put it even more bluntly, a  majority of Greek Cypriots want to control the minority Turkish Cypriots, and always have. On the other hand, the Turkish Cypriots want what they have now plus international acceptance.

There is only one way forward, amongst plenty of ways of going backwards or standing still, and that is international acceptance. Wake up Turkish Cypriots! Focus on being a part on the wide international community instead of squabbling over an irreconcilable family difference. Only one way to do that and that is start acting like an EU country and you might be accepted as one.

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