Cyprus Today - Property Victims Offered 'Friendly Agreement'


The article below is from today’s copy of the English language newspaper Cyprus Today.

And so the angst, anxiety and stress continues for owners on both sites and it seems the search for amicable settlements of these ongoing sagas continues.


Now why does the cynic in me believe that amicable in Turkish means an agreement whereby those seeking to auction the homeowners’ properties receive and the innocent victims give.

There was an interesting comment from Stephen Day also in this week’s Cyprus Today.


My interpretation of the Banks comment translates (in my opinion) to, “we want the money we so foolishly and possibly fraudulently advanced to NCP and we do not care who pays it.”

Pauline Read Opinion: It is outrageous that either of these sites are being pursued so vigorously and causing the owners to spend their hard earned money on legal costs BEFORE the outcome of the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited Appeal is known…this judgment could be a precedent and a game changer. It is equally outrageous that there is such a delay in getting this judgment.

Pauline Read

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3 comments to Cyprus Today – Property Victims Offered ‘Friendly Agreement’

  • fluter

    Nice bit of publicity for Denktas. Wonder how much he is expecting to get out of it?

    Why didn’t he intervene in Kulaksiz 5 and other issues?

    Answers on a postage stamp.

  • Polly Marples

    Let’s face it his father tried but was treated abominably by all at Akfinans Bank….what chance has his son of achieving anything, even if he meant it, which I doubt. The Govt. do not care, the Koop Bank which is state owned is the Govt. ergo, they don’t care. No one cares about the innocent, there is no honour in north Cyprus and therefore they feel no shame.

    The Govt. could stop it tomorrow … they choose not to.

    Just another con they have all colluded in.

  • fluter

    Exactly Polly.

    Their relatives are making money, why should they intervene?

    And that is what it is all about.