in Cyprus Today – 3/9/2011

Crackdown on Landlords’ tax – ex-pat landlords are being targeted because the government believes that 90% of rents are not being declared. Editor: obviously hasn’t occurred to them that people aren’t actually renting the properties. Perhaps the government could focus on real rather than imagined fraud – see below, for example.

Expat’s high hopes for return to TRNC – a campaign to allow Hep C infected expat (now clear) back in the country could be successful as a result of a meeting on Monday.

Great support at K5 fundraiser – probably £3000 raised to pay legal fees in an attempt to stop the TRNC government allowing them from being evicted from homes they paid for in full. Editor: there is a cruel rumour going round that banks are now paying builders still holding title deeds for fully paid for property to take out small high interest rate loans and to not pay them so the bank can wait until the debt equals the value of the property and then auction it. In K5’s case the £40,000 debt quickly grew to over £800,000. Apparently it’s just a matter of time before those without title deeds in their names will realise they’ve been legally conned. I don’t believe it myself.

Denktaş showing signs of recovery – but is critically ill and still on a life support machine.

Conterfeit crackdown dents custom – GCs buying counterfeit goods in the north are having them confiscated by GC customs officials when they cross to the south. TC shopkeepers are complaining that this is affecting their businesses. Editor: it’s because counterfeit goods are illegal in the EU. Perhaps the TRNC government could also apply EU laws in the north?


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