in Cyprus Today – 28/11/2009

cyprus-todayOwners celebrate property success – Owners of Sante Fe property were just about to have their homes auctioned  by the Koop Bank when the mortgage repayments attached to their properties by Sante Fe were restructured to allow 4 years to pay (£1.25m debt is now £4m because of penalties) and they are saying the owners are restarting stage payments now this has happened and building is restarting. Editor: is it only me that thinks the bank worked out that the auction would not repay the debt so they’ll wait until the building finishes then auction the homes! I am even wondering if the HBPG is really endorsing this, but without a website they can’t comment.

Unions hope Talat puts end to bill – see in Cyprus Today – 25/11/2009, “‘we’ll go to court’ pledge over new civil service laws”

UK may give up role for resolution – UK may step down as guarantor as part of 1960 agreement, however Turkey has said they won’t and the GCs see this as an obstacle to a settlement because Turkey may use this as a reasoning to use armed forces to protect TCs in the future, if the need ever arose

Teargas used to stop ‘raid’ – about union protests outside parliament, see in Cyprus Today – 25/11/2009

‘High expectations’ that a solution will be reached Editor: but not the solution the GCs were hoping for?

Exodus claim over solution – over 40,000 people may be forced to quit if parts of north Cyprus are handed over to the GCs as part of the settlement

South’s compensation bill is soaring – the lawyer of the TC owner of land used for Larnaca airport claims it is currently worth €22m and will be worth more if GCs continue to refuse to pay out until a peace deal is achieved. Editor: how comes the Orams might have to pay out now and not be allowed to wait forever?

Crimbo bargains for expat shoppers – Lemar are offering bargains between 25/12 and 31/12. Editor: watch those sell by dates.

$10m college being built without permission – the article paints a picture of total confusion about whether the college has planning permission

Couple banned from using their shed – It’s yet another article showing total confusion about planning laws, see NCFP article but CT includes a quote from Lapta Municipality saying, “planning permission is needed for any garden shed, garage or similar structure having a roof. That is the law and if different advice was given it was wrong.” Editor: even for a dog kennel? The planning department should be swamped after that comment implying that Lapta knows better than they do!

Runways still blocked after pylons blunder – pylons were put in the wrong place at Gecitkale airport, putting them out of action. 7 months later they are still there! Editor: another planning blunder?

Industry’s finest rewards at property firm awards – awards presented by President Talat for the best of the north Cyprus construction industry. Editor – do you agree with the choices?

Credit card machines to be fitted at car park – at Ercan airport. Currently the costs are first 20 mins free, 5TL for 1hr, 6.50TL for 1-3hrs, 10TL for up to 6hrs, 12.50 for up to 12hrs, TL 15TL for first 24hrs and then 5TL per day,

United against tipping – an excellent name and shame article with photos of tipping by a lorry with number plates clearly shown. Editor: I wonder if the police did anything about it?

‘We’ll go to court’ pledge over new civil service laws
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