Free websites for north Cyprus charities and good causes

charityWould you like information about your charity or good cause to be quickly published on the internet and for a Google search to put that information on the first page of search results? Perhaps you would like this to displayed for only a short time, or perhaps permanently? Would you like all this for free? Well NCFP has now launched a website called where you can do just this. All you have to do is use the contact form on that website to send us the content of your page and we will create the website for you and try to arrange for Google searches to take your visitors straight to that page. We will also give you an address they can use to reach your page directly and which you can display on your literature.

Or perhaps you would like something more ambitious, e.g. a 10 page website accessed using your own chosen name, e.g. Perhaps you want to update these pages regularly and want complete ownership of the website? All this for an annual cost of around £10, paid to a domain registration company of your own choice which is nothing to do with NCFP?

Drawbacks? Yes, there are some:

  • You create the pages but we convert them to web format and publish them.
  • You log in and make changes your pages, we will always try to help you but will not take responsibility for your website content after the initial setup
  • You pay for your domain name (www.)

So why is NCFP doing this? Well of course we hope that your readers will also become our readers but many of you have causes which no one knows about and this is a shame. So we want to raise community awareness about your charities.

We are interested in including any non-commercial venture so if you are interested go to where you can contact us with your requirements.

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