in Cyprus Today – 21/11/2009

cyprus-todaySchools close after swine flu demos – the government has closed down all schools following a demonstration by children against swine flu. Editor: I wonder if the children will ask for the closure of all the fun places they go to?

CTA axes ‘free flights’ – free flights for CTA executives and board members are being scrapped with a saving of $50,000 per month.The airline is losing $3m a month. Editor: so they’re only losing $2.95m per month now.

Mayor arrested for alleged trespassing – Alsancak Mayor, Yücel Atakara has been arrested for trespassing on a shop premises. He alleges that since 1990 the owner had given the municipality the right to use the premises but the police disagree.

Heritage warning from author – Tuncer Bağişkan has written a book called Ottoman, Islamic and Islamised Monuments in Cyprus. Within its 648 pages the subject is covered in depth. You can buy it from Deniz Plaza in Lefkoşa and Girne as well as in other bookshops; price 100TL.

Denktas joins usEditor: as a Cyprus Today columnist, not the NCFP

Beef sold out – a shortage has been solved by importing 17 tons from Holland. Prices should drop from 28TL to 20TL/kg. Editor: oh look, there’s something pink in the sky going oink!

Plans to slash wages ‘violate the right of civil servants’ – according to Attorney General, Aşgen İlgen, who was then ignored by the government who went on to pass the draft bill to slash their wages.

‘Oramses’ team took the wrong approach – Erdoğan Dervis also predicted that the Orams would lose

Solicitor given £5000 fineEditor: no don’t get excited, that kind of thing doesn’t happen in north Cyprus. Isin Vahib, ex-lawyer to the Orams in the UK, was fined by the UK’s Solicitors Regulation Authority and was ordered to pay £7000 costs. What he was supposed to have done was:

  • acting in circumstances where there existed a conflict of interest
  • failing to keep proper accounts
  • irregularities involving a client’s account

GCs renew ‘justified’ call for Karpaz Editor: might as well ask for the entire north back to save all the haggling

‘We need to learn how to share power’ – says former GC minister who admits they didn’t do just that from 1963-1974

More GCs to take UK to court – for failing to uphold its guarantee on the island. Editor: they weren’t happy when Turkey did uphold its guarantees in 1974 so why blame the UK for doing the same?

Commission rapped as ‘ineffective’ by lawyers – this was part of the evidence at the ECHR  this week

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