Pauline Read’s Bank Petition – answering the critics

bank-2I have been reading some of the comments on CYPRUS 44, read them is all I can do because it seems that although I can take on the Builder and the Bank I cannot take on the rigid rules of CYPRUS 44 membership.  I have a free e mail, I cannot join,  how daft is that?  How ambiguous is it?  I won my Breach of Contract, I have my Court Order and Memorandum on the property/land that had injunctions on and  it will be sold to pay my award and the Advocates costs if the Builder fails to pay within six months.

During the time the above case was being heard I applied for, and got permission to Appeal against the Judgement given in the Banks favour to repossess ten bungalows and three houses that sit on  the two plots of land on the Kocans held by the Bank as security against the mortgage taken by the Builder and Landowner after the whole development had been paid for and Contracted to the individual purchasers, the exceptions being the three houses which were payment to the Landowner for the land. I know we are far from being alone in  this situation.

Yes, I could forget all about the Appeal but I am not an ‘I’m alright Jill’ sort of person, believe me that would be the easy way for me, but how long will it be before we (all the duped ex-pats and some Turkish Cypriots) get this opportunity again.

I cannot see the problem, read the article (see below), if you think it has merit sign, if you do not think it has merit do not sign. I know it cannot add to the legal arguments which will be debated in Court by the experts, but please, never underestimate the weight of public opinion. Please bear in mind, I have never been in this situation before (nor do I want to be again), I am learning as I go.

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